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The Little Recycling Project

Little recycling project

Why RECYCLE your socks?

Did you know the UK is the fourth largest producer of clothing and textile waste in Europe?! On average each Briton throws away about 3.1kg of textiles every single year! When we found this out we decided that we needed to start doing something to help. That's why we launched our recycling project.

Little ones grow fast, as we all know! If you have no-one to pass your outgrown socks on to or you feel they simply won't stand up to another wear, you can send them on to us and we will recycle them for you.

Around half of the old pairs of socks we receive will make their way to UK charities, where they’ll be distributed to communities in need. The rest of the socks we receive will be recycled and given a second chance in life as an industrial textile. 

Plus every time you send us your old socks not only are you helping the planet, you’re decluttering!!

How can I get involved?

It’s really simple! 

Just take the box that your Little Sock Co. socks arrived in (or any other box you have lying around) and fill it up with any unwanted or odd socks. Seal the box securely and send it back to us at:

The Little Sock Co - Recycling

9 Queens Road



What happens next?

Each sock we received is sorted through so it can be recycled in the correct way. 

Any good quality pairs of socks are shared with our UK charity partners who send them out to little feet in need. The remaining socks are turned into recycled fibres and given a new lease of life! Ta Daa!!

So far since we launched this project we have recycled over 167kg of socks! Thank you so much for your help!