Our Charity

Here at The Little Sock Company we strive to help others. That is why we have, and always will, donate a percentage of profits from our sock sales to Charity.

We give 5p from every single pair of socks sold and 10p from ever pair of tights sold to charity.

This means that no matter where you buy our products from, be it a high street retailer or another online store, you will still be helping support a great cause.

Our charities differ throughout the year. If you know an great charities you would like us to consider supporting then please pop us over an email and let us know.

We will also continue to donate all of our less than perfect socks to The Cowshed. The Cowshed  provide support to people of all backgrounds in a time of personal crisis. The aim of The Cowshed is to provide good quality cleaned and ironed clothes and other essentials free to anyone in need. 

Supporting the charity The Cowshed

As well as these great initiatives you will see us supporting charities in other ways, such as our ONE4ONE weekend in October where we give 1 pair of socks to charity for ever pair we sell.