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Toddler sleep: 3 Summertime snoozing ideas



Posted on July 05 2024

Longer, lighter, and warmer days: what we all wished for last winter (and spring!). 

However, despite their welcome arrival, they’re known for being responsible for some of the pesky sleep problems in children during the summer months… 

Restless nights are tricky for our little ones and can take their toll on us too, so here are some  summertime toddler sleep suggestions that I hope will help everyone in your household to have a more restful night’s sleep: 

1. Maintain a consistent bedtime 

Children love routine! 

Let’s say, for example, your mini me usually goes to bed at 7pm – this is the time their body has  adapted to knowing when to naturally wind down. So my advice is to not let the drawn-out days  make you feel like you need to draw out their bedtime if you don’t think it’s necessary! Trust your  instincts.  

2. Block out any light 

Even the smallest rays of sunshine peeping through can stimulate our little ones’ senses into thinking  it’s still playtime, not sleep time. 

Blackout curtains are most definitely worth investing in, however, even the best can still leave areas  around the sides exposed. 

This blackout blind kit by easyblinds has been made and is run by mums, was a Platinum Winner at  the Loved By Parents Awards, and looks like a cost-effective toddler sleep solution! 

What’s more, leaving curtains and blinds closed during the day will also help to… 

3. Keep their bedroom cool 

Now although the UK isn’t best known for its tropical temperatures, the summer months can  surprise us with a heatwave or two. 

Closing windows and curtains/blinds during the day and reopening them at nighttime is a great way  of keeping a bedroom cool. You may also like to open your mini me’s bedroom door to circulate air, however, on the other hand, this may be too tempting for some adventurous toddlers, or light  sleepers may be more sensitive to household noises with the door open…I’ll leave it with you! 

And while we’re talking about keeping little ones cool, sometimes I find that when our children wear less to bed during the summer months, their tiny toes become a little chilly, which then also wakes them up! Our sustainably made, organic cotton summer children’s socks are super soft, lightweight  and breathable – here’s a link to them if you’d like to take a closer look. 

FAQ: How much sleep do toddlers need? 

The NHS says: 

  • after their first birthday, one-year-olds will sleep for 12 – 15 hours,  
  • two-year-old toddies may have one or two naps during the day and sleep for 11 – 12 hours  at night, and 
  • three to four-year-olds will have 12 hours of sleep but this can vary, and they may still need  a daytime nap. 

However with these in mind, we all know every child is different and so are the ins and outs of their  sleep routines. 

Can you imagine having 15 hours of sleep? What a treat that would be! Here’s to lots of snoozing for everyone this summer 😊

Katie x



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