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Did you know these 15 Fun Foot Facts?



Posted on April 08 2024

Here at The Little Sock Company, you know we’re passionate about helping to ensure children’s feet are as cosy and comfortable as possible – as well as yours too!

And we truly love nothing more than hearing from you and seeing your mini me enjoying their favourite non-slip, baby socks that stay on, baby booties, tights and leggings, while they’re exploring the big wide world!

However, you may or may not know about some of the following fun foot facts... (We must admit a few of them kept us on our toes: especially number 12!).


1. Similarly to our fingerprints, each of our toes has prints which are unique and individual to us, and they develop alongside fingerprints before we’re born.
2. Children’s feet grow at an extremely fast pace before they’re one and reach almost half of their adult foot size!
3. Babies’ feet are made up of soft, flexible cartilage, and...
4. Their mobility develops as this cartridge transforms into bone.
5. The bones that mature within children’s feet take up to 13 years to harden, and so because...
6. On average children’s feet grow two sizes per year in the first four years of their life...
7. It’s recommended toddler’s shoes are checked every six to eight weeks, and children’s shoes are checked every two to three months.
8. Three out of four adults experience problems with their feet because they wore poorly fitting shoes when they were children.
9. The NHS has shared that booties play a good role in helping to keep children’s feet warm and toasty!
10. The NHS also suggests that socks made from natural fibres such as cotton or wool are the best as they allow tiny toes to breathe. (If you’re currently on the hunt for some, you can browse our luxury organic cotton sock range for babies and toddlers here.)
11. There are 206 bones in our bodies, and approximately over 25% of these are in our feet!
12. What’s more, half of all our bones are in our hands and feet!
13. When children reach 12 years old, their feet are typically 90% of their adult width and size.
14. The IPFH (Institute for Preventative Foot Health) recommend that when a toddler is beginning to walk, either doing so barefoot or wearing only socks helps tiny toes and feet to grow normally while developing muscle tone and strength.
15. And last but not least, toddlers may inherit one of three main foot shapes from their
• Rounded: their second or third toe is longer than their big toe,
• Tapered: their big toe is the biggest of all their toes, or
• Square: all their toes are about the same length.

Did any of these fun foot facts surprise you?!
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