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3 Parenting life hacks to keep down your socks…



Posted on May 19 2024

Day-to-day life – we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

However, the reality is that it can be overwhelming, and if you currently feel this way, please know  you’re not alone. 

Balancing family time with work while ensuring everyone is fed and watered at least three times a  day, in addition to replying to family/friends' WhatsApp messages within five working days and not  forgetting to look after yourself (!), can mount up… 

As a wife and a mummy of three, one of my main drivers for starting The Little Sock Company was to  create quality childrenswear that focuses on making parents’ lives a little bit easier because we’re all constantly juggling. 

And although our juggles are unique and our lives differ, there are some small but mighty ‘things’ we  can do to reduce that feeling of overwhelm – here are three of my favourite go-to, time-saving parenting life hacks: 

1- Use a calendar of some shape or form 

Do you sometimes not know whether you’re coming or going? 

Trying to decipher where everyone needs to be throughout the week can become a mathematical  equation, and that’s when calendars come into their own! 

Simple – yes, however we’re all guilty of buying a beautiful one for our kitchen and then not fully  utilising it or covering it in scribbles which then become illegible because things change! 

These personalised family planner whiteboards by Beespoked are a lovely alternative, they’re reusable and they can be wiped clean when plans go in another direction. 

Shared phone calendars are also fantastic if family members are not always home or if, for example,  grandparents or friends etc. help with weekly nursery drop-offs or school pick-ups. 

2 - Organise breakfast before bed 

When our little ones wake up, the world is their oyster and they’re ready to play. Their priorities,  unfortunately, are not to immediately pass go and head straight to the kitchen for breakfast. 

So, if your mornings need speeding up, why not try laying everything out for breakfast the evening  before? Spoons, bowls, cups, cereal – you name it. Whatever will put your day on the right path from the outset (or perhaps give you more time to ensure your little ones have their socks and shoes on before heading out of the house!). 

3 - Fill up your freezer 

Is there a better feeling than realising there’s a delicious portion of homemade Bolognese waiting  for you to defrost for dinner tomorrow? 

If a spare ten minutes arises and you want to batch cook, then batch cook away! Make friends with  your freezer and pack it to the rafters with homemade meals you can rely on when time is short on  other days. 

Alternatively, making larger portions of whatever it is you’re cooking and then freezing what you don’t need is a parenting life hack that’ll never get old in our household!  

Among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, don’t forget to take time for yourself – make a warm  cup of tea or coffee, feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face, and remember: you’re amazing,  you matter, and we’re all in this together. 

Katie x



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