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Founders Story

Why we're here 

I founded The Little Sock Company in 2018 to fix a seemingly simple, yet unsolved problem, “where do I find socks that actually stay on my child’s feet?”. A Fashion Designer with over 15 years experience working with leading bodywear brands, when I became a Mum I noticed that the children’s market didn’t offer the same attention to detail, quality or care for the small items we purchase (yet use so often) and so The Little Sock Company was born.

Our aim is to create a better product, through a focus on simple inspired details and functionality, while sourcing the highest quality fabrics for both durability and comfort. We also have an uncompromising approach to giving back which means responsible manufacturing, recycling initiatives and ongoing charity partnerships. I’m proud to have built a trusted brand and products that give parents the confidence that they are purchasing responsibly for their little ones.

The mission is simple, to create quality childrenswear that focuses on making parents lives that little bit easier!

founder of the little sock co 


We are now a multi-award winning business which i am ever-so proud of. You can find out about our awards here