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Top 5 Second Baby Must Have Essentials



Posted on February 10 2022

Expecting baby number 2? Huge congratulations!

I’m sure you will have lots of well-loved products still kept from your first baby, but there are some products you simply didn’t need when you only had one baby. Here are my Top 5 essential products for baby number 2!

non-slip stay on socks for new walkers

1 - Newborn Bouncer, Rocker or Chair

Somewhere to put your baby down will be super helpful if you're entertaining another little one. They offer elevated safety from the floor space too so there's more space for your older child to play. I personally loved the Tripp Trapp newborn set (here). I had a Tripp Trapp chair for my older child which we loved so it made complete sense to purchase another and add the newborn set. It meant that our new baby was far above the play on the ground and I also felt i could watch over them well whilst we ate at meal times or when i was busy preparing things in the kitchen because they were at the perfect height. Another great and very affordable option is the Fisher Price bouncer (here), which also has a genius vibrating function too that sleeping newborns love. You'll just have to keep an eye out for excited toddlers bouncing baby a little higher than you’d like!!

2 - Buggy Board

If your pushchair is already a family favourite, then there's no need to shop around for a new double buggy. A buggy board can be a great investment. Some even come with seats too. BuggyBoards allow you to travel safely with your newborn while your big-little one can ride along whenever they  want. Be sure to check the compatibility of your pushchair with the various boards about. We have a Lascal BuggyBoard maxi and love it! You can find it (here)

3 - Baby carrier

For me this was the number 1 must have for babies number 2 and 3. Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands, baby carriers can be the next best thing! Offering hands free movement whilst your littlest one naps close to you. Newborns like nothing more than napping on their parents and with baby number one you had far more time to relax (well i did anyway) so my 2nd and 3rd baby napped in their slings close to my chest where they felt comfortable and secure whilst i got on with hanging out with the other children (or cooking dinner/hoovering/working - you know how it is) I’ve had many different slings - they key is to find one you are comfortable in and that you can put on with ease. I love my Ergobaby 360 (here) for when I'm out and about in and out of the car on the school run or to the shops. Then for everyday around the house I have a beautiful Oscha ring sling (here). All slings work slightly differently so please make sure you understand the instructions well before putting baby in. 

4 - A new Changing bag 

Now of course you have a changing bag already, even if it’s  just an adapted handbag but when baby number 2 comes along you’ll need a bigger one plus if you can get a backpack one even better, because you’ll no longer have that hand free to carry the changing bag. It’s also much easier to carry a backpack with a baby carrier or sling on ; ) I love or Storksak backpack (here), I manage to fit snack and a change of clothes for 3 children in ours, plus of course plenty of our stay on socks for every time someones feet get wet (link back)

5 - Hands free breast pump

Pumping milk is hard work, never mind when you have 2 babies to care for! The Elvie pump (here) lets you pump whilst you go about your day to day life, no leads, no being fixed to one place. It is quite pricey but if you can afford it it will make your life so much simpler. It's silent so that you don't sound like a robot and the app lets you see how much milk has been expressed and control the pump remotely.

A great read (or listen if you prefer audiobooks) to help you prepare yourself and your little one of baby number 2 is The Second Baby Book: How to cope with pregnancy number two and create a happy home for your firstborn and new arrival Sarah Ockwell-Smith (here).

If you have any other essential ideas for baby number 2 then please do drop them down below so that other parents can read about them.

Have a wonderful day!

Katie x



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