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Newborn Essentials - What do you need before Baby arrives



Posted on June 08 2023

Newborn Essentials 

There is a long list of things to do before baby arrives, one of them being collecting all the items you need. Lots of the big stuff pushchairs, car seats, carrier, cots is obvious but you'll also need lots of everyday items. It can feel overwhelming, there are so many things out there, but don’t worry we've put together a list of a few of our newborn baby essentials to help you get ready for your little one. 


You can never have too many muslins. You can use them for everything! In the early days your baby can be a little bit sick after feeding so having a few muslin over your shoulder and in your nappy bag is great. They are also great for when feeding in public. You can get large ones to help cover whatever you don’t feel comfortable showing. The large ones are also great for those summer months to cover babies with instead of a blanket. I used to pop a muslin under my baby's head when in the pushchair. If they were a little sick or dribbly you could just take it out and it meant your pushchair didn’t need constantly cleaning. We love the Aden and Anais muslins, they are super soft, come in lots of sizes and mine have lasted me through 3 children and they are still in amazing condition!


You would have bought lots of clothes baby grows, sleep suits, trousers, tops… but have you thought about socks? Babies can’t regulate their own temperature so keeping those precious feet warm is so important. Here at The Little Sock Company we are passionate about having socks that stay on. Have a look at our New Newborn socks and our lovely Cosy Socks for those colder days. 

Baby Thermometer

As a new parent we of course worry about everything. One of the best gifts I received was a baby thermometer. Are they too cold or hot? It's hard to tell you can feel the back of their neck. This is the best way to check but if you are still unsure having a thermometer handy can help you feel less worried. When your baby has there first jabs, teething or poorly we get so worried about them having a temperature and it being too high, being able to keep an eye on this is so helpful and puts your mind at ease. 

Nail Scissors/ Clippers 

Baby's nails grow at an alarming speed - I wish mine were the same!! Having baby nail scissors and clippers is a must. Your little one is always touching their face and you don’t want them to scratch themselves or you. A good time to cut their nails is when they are asleep or feeding as they are much less likely to wriggle. 

Non Biological Washing Detergent 

Baby skin is very sensitive and delicate  so you need to make sure you are using a non biological washing detergent. There is a huge variety out there and they are not more expensive than what you would have usually bought. It is also recommended to wash your babies clothes, towels, sheets, blankets… before using them so make sure you have some ready before your due date. 

Nappy Caddy 

Newborns needs changing a lot. You will of course have your changing table with all the stuff but that is probably upstairs or in another room. Having some nappy caddy’s around the house can be really useful. Just get a small basket or container and pop in a couple of nappies, a foldable changing mat, cream and nappy sacks. They are then in easy reach when you need them. 

Books / Toys/Comforters

It is never too early to start reading to your little one. They love listening to your voice and find it soothing. Reading to your baby before bed really helps calm them too. Soft books/ toys are also great for your baby to explore different colours and textures. Having some toys for your little one is also great as it can really help stimulate them  and are a great distraction if they are a little grizzly or if you are trying to do something. Some children really like to use a comforter when they go to sleep. This could be a soft toy or a muslin. It helps them feel safe and secure. If you sleep with it or have it on your top. They really like it as it smells of you which can really help them fall asleep without you.



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