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7 Fun Things To Do With Little Ones at Easter



Posted on March 29 2023

Easter is a fun and special time of the year, no matter what your age. Whether you’re celebrating with family or spending it at home, here are 7 fun activities to do with little ones during the Easter break.

  1. Have an Egg Hunt - this is a slightly obvious one I know but it is great fun for all the family. For some families this has been turned into an annual tradition! Hide eggs around the house, in the garden or in the park for children to find and enjoy. If you are worried the older children will find all of the es before the little ones you could add another element by giving each child their own set of eggs
  2.  Easter Crafts - There are tons of Easter craft ideas out there on the internet that vary on complexity so you can find something to fit the time you have. You could also print off some Easter picture from the internet for them to colour or even draw your own.
  3. Plant Something - Even if you don’t have a garden, there are lots of things you can grow in pots. You could grow a little Grass Head like this one on TikTok or some cress in an egg shell like this. This is a great way to get them outdoors and teach them something new while being creative too.
  4. Fly a Kite - If there’s good weather you could take advantage of it by flying kites with your little ones! It’ll get everyone out into the fresh air and give you all something different to do with visitors over the weekend.
  5. Bake Treats - Get messy in the kitchen with some delicious treats like hot cross buns, cupcakes or cookies crafted in bunny shapes or with chocolate egg toppings! Let your kid's experiment with cookie cutters, food dye and other ingredients before sitting down together as a family to enjoy their creations.
  6. Put On A Show – Get curious little minds involved by having them put on an imaginative show full of drama, music & storytelling elements so everybody else isn't left out either; parents included if they choose too obviously!! Feel free to dress up (and film) if you like; just remember costumes don't necessarily need to be extravagant – use whatever clothes/accessories available at hand we say…
  7. Visit a local Open Farm - Head down to your local open farm and get up-close-and-personal with nature! This makes for a wonderful (and educational) day out, and a great antidote to that feeling of having been cooped up indoors too long.  Spring is a fantastic time to visit, you’ll get to see all of the lambs, chicks and other young animals just as they arrive.

Have an spegg-tacular Easter whatever you get up to!




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