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5 Valentine’s Children’s Crafts



Posted on February 08 2024

Thank you so much to those of you who got in touch to say you’d given one or two of these toddler Christmas crafts a go with your little ones! We did too here in Berkhamsted, and our home now  looks a tad bare without them… 

So, as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, last weekend my children and I had a quick look to  see what we could make to replace them, and we found these five Valentine’s children’s crafts ideas from UK businesses and parents that look super easy to follow: 

(Side note to myself – I need to buy some more glue ASAP!) 

  1. Tissue paper hearts 

When you think of ‘arts and crafts,’ do you also feel like you’ve got to rush out to your nearest Hobbycraft and buy the entire shop?! 

Sometimes simple ideas are the best, aren’t they… 

That’s why I was drawn to this crafty activity from The Mummy Bubble

All you need to create these tissue paper hearts is red or pink card, some coloured tissue paper,  scissors and glue. Then, when the hearts have been cut out, your mini me can get to work sticking  and creating Valentine’s decorations to spread even more love throughout your home! 

  1. Clay heart bunting  

Once you’ve decided you’re either making salt dough or buying some air-dried clay from Amazon to  shape the hearts, creating this Valentine’s Day bunting couldn’t be more straightforward. 

You just need to allow approx. 48 hours for the dough/clay to dry before your little ones can start  adding their magical touches, however ‘Someone’s Mum’ has shared a few snaps of what her  children made here, and they look like they’re worth the wait!

  1. Cut out heart card  

I have a hunch that toddlers and preschoolers will love choosing, sticking and seeing their favourite colours pop through the heart-shaped windows which make up this crafty Valentine’s Day card

If you follow the above link, Rainy Day Mum shares her simple step-by-step guide, however your  little one can really let their imagination run wild with this to create fun and personalised rainbow striped cards for their best friends, or, perhaps you may find one on your pillow on Valentine’s Day… 

  1. DIY heart craft foam stamps 

And to add a touch more love-liness to their cards, you could try your hand at making heart-shaped stamps to decorate and seal the envelopes with. 

Mum In The Madhouse’s DIY craft foam stamps are a simple, cost-effective idea that you can enjoy  crafting together while reusing and recycling any old bottle corks at the same time. 

  1. “Love” canvas picture 

Last but not least, here’s a special Valentine’s Day craft that I particularly like because it’s perfect for tiny toes and hands (and bigger ones too!). 

Simply paint on the L and E or help your little one to if they’re adamant about doing it themselves  (!), and then once dried, it’s socks off and paint on. 

This is definitely a canvas for keeps, so don’t forget to pop a date on the back! 

Pinterest is fantastic, however do you sometimes find there are just so many suggestions and ideas  to choose from? I hope these Valentine’s Day crafts are helpful and your mini me enjoys exploring  them! 

Katie x



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