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5 Christmas Crafts for Toddlers



Posted on November 14 2023

For toddlers, Christmas is a time of the year that opens their eyes to many festive firsts.

From gazing up at all the sparkly lights illuminating the night sky on the drive home from meeting Father Christmas, to knowingly leaving something tasty for him before going to bed on an evening that feels that bit extra special…

Although they have already experienced their first Christmases, the older and more inquisitive they get, the more enchanting the lead-up to and the day itself becomes.

And with Christmas comes creativity; as they help us to unpack our trusty, treasured decorations, and excitedly sit down to make new Christmassy crafts which, little do they know, we will cherish for years to come.

With these magical moments in mind, I thought we’d pop together a handful of cost-effective, crafty ideas for toddlers that are bound to fill your home with festive giggles over the coming weeks:


1. Cupcake case Christmas tree card

Does anyone else have a cupboard/box/draw full of mismatched cake cases?! Well, if you are searching for some easy homemade Christmas card ideas, why not give these super sweet cupcake Christmas tree cards a whirl using said surplus cases? Perfect for creative little hands, with the help of some big hands, this Christmas craft activity for toddlers will free up some space in our kitchens at the same time – win-win!


2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer handprints and footprints

reindeer footprint craft

I don’t know about you, but as the weather transitions from autumn to winter there is something even more warming about hunkering down with the family on a Sunday. So while you are tucked up together at home, you could try your hand (and feet!) at making some festive Rudolph handprints and footprints!

All you need is:

• white paper,

• brown paint,

• googly eyes (or you can simply draw these on),

• red pom poms,

• glue,

• a black pen, and

• a toddler (or two) who loves messy play – don’t they all!

Their tiny prints will also create wonderful keepsakes.


3. Christmas chocolate bark

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without lots of yumminess, would it?

We all know that keeping things simple and fun is key with little ones, especially when cooking and baking, which is what makes this Christmas chocolate bark recipe from the Rainy Day Mum so great.

It only requires two ingredients and is a Christmas activity everyone can get involved with making (and enjoy munching!).

And for those of us with children who have a dairy intolerance or allergy, what’s fantastic is that you can easily swap the chocolate and toppings for a vegan or dairy-free alternative!


4. No-sew sock snowman with rice

no sew socks snowman; christmas toddler craft

There are lots of imaginative ideas out there for this Christmas craft activity for toddlers, however, having been drawn to the business name “Easy Peasy and Fun”, I thought their take on a no-sew sock snowman would be just the ticket.

And of course, the concept of recycling socks also caught my eye!


5. Good, old-fashioned Christmas paper chains

Immerse yourself in nostalgia while digging out some paper, Sellotape (have you seen - they now make Eco Sellotape too!), scissors and any decorative bits and bobs you may have at home because this is a well-known homemade Christmas classic!

Whether your little one(s) are making a festive paper chain for their bedroom or your Christmas tree, this simple idea guarantees to provide endless amounts of joy.


What other Christmas craft activities do you have up your sleeve for this year?

We would love to hear from you and share them with others – you can get in touch with us here!

Katie x



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