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5 Benefits of Bath Time



Posted on May 09 2023

Bath Time can be one of thee most fun times of day, and isn’t just about getting your baby nice and clean - although that is definitely a benefit after a long day of messy play!

baby in bath wet hairIt
1. It teaches little ones to love the water.

Although the bath is never full enough for your little one to swim in, it can begin their love of water. They can get used to the sensation of their body being under the water from a very young age, which can become very important later on in life. You can try pouring water over their heads or onto their body if they will allow it. Some little ones like my eldest will not stand for this until they are much older though so don’t worry if they don’t enjoy it yet. Feeling confident and safe in the bath water forms a great base for when they go onto learn to swim in much larger bodies of water.

2. It’s Fun

It isn’t hard to make bathtime fun for your little one. You can include toys, books and bubbles, sing songs and teach your little one to splash the water with their arms and legs.

Little ones learn best through play so reap the benefits of making bathtime a fun time!

3. A Mindful time

Most parents are juggling lots of things during the rest of the day,  but bathtime offers a few minutes in the day to slow down and focus on your little one. This can be the case even if you have 2 or more little ones in the bath at the same time. It may feel less than relaxed but it’s a time to focus on your children. Relax with them and take a moment to think about how grateful you are that you have this time, whilst they have fun playing.

4. Bonding Time

Whether it’s washing away the day with soapy bubbles or latherin uup the shampoo on their little heads, caring for your child with hands-on skin-to-skin contact helps to build a bond between you and your little one. Physical touch is essential for a baby's development, and it promotes bonding with whoever is bathing them. For parents who aren't the primary caregiver this can be a great alternative way to strengthen your bond with your baby. 

5. Building Motor Skills

Bath time can support your little one's development in many ways. Pouring cups, dripping water, bubbles, different scents, singing -  are just a few of the many ways you can engage your baby's senses and encourage them to explore during bath time.

Bath Time can also be used to create a routine, to let your little one know that the day is coming to an end and bedtime is on the way. This definitely isn't essential though, in fact for some little ones with sensitive skin it can be too much to bathe them everyday, 2 or 3 times a week is fine. Skin has lots of natural oils that are there to protect it. Over washing can cause the skin to become dry and itchy for some little ones.

Now, who’s for some bath time fun!

Katie x



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