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11 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Mum - Practice Self Love



Posted on March 21 2023

Taking time take care of yourself as a mum really is super important, but usually one of the things we leave to last.

Think about it, you are busy, tired and constantly dealing with the everyday stresses of being a Mum along with whatever else life and work throw at you. If your life is anything like mine then taking care of your little ones tends to be a roller coaster of emotions, highs and lows, and moments of pure joy. But it's exhausting. If you’re feeling like you’re drowning because life is too busy, you have to put yourself first for once. I’ve got you covered with this. Here are 11 ways you can easily take care of you.

1. Be nice to yourself! 

Let’s face it, you will have bad days, days where you lose it and feel like tearing your hair out. It’s okay! You are not a bad person, it happens to us all, no matter how hard we try.  Don’t hate yourself for it, switch your focus to the positive, think about how you might handle these types of situations differently in the future. Always talk kindly to yourself and ignore that voice in your head when it tries to put you down.

2. Have realistic expectations.

Even super mums can’t do everything and if you're trying to - you're just going to stress yourself out. If you’re struggling to manage your expectations then make a list of everything you’d like to do today and allocate a time against it. This may look something like 

9-9:30 am hang washing, 

9:30-10am washing up & quick tidy

10-10:30am Put baby down for nap

10:30-11:30am shower and wash hair whilst baby naps 

11:30–12 feed little one 

12-12:30 eat lunch

Etc. etc. you’ll soon see how quickly your day fills up. This will also give you a good view on how long you can spend on each task and just how much you can realistically et done in a day.

3. Write it down

Our minds are busy, sometimes it’s easier to unburden yourself and make some space in your brain by writing it all down.

You can:

Make a shopping list. 

Write a list of errands 

Write on a chalkboard what uniform each child needs each day and wether they have after school clubs.

Journal- if something is really bothering you then write it down at the end of the day, even if this doesn’t give you an answer,  it might help you sleep.


4. Stop scrolling

I’m the words of Blues Mum - “run your own race” You're not doing yourself any favours by spending too much time paying too much attention to other people's lives. Live your own life, enjoy your own life, don’t let what other people’s lives appear to be on social media bother you too much. They aren’t as amazing as they appear. 


5. Say no

Saying “no” can be really hard. Especially when it’s your friends asking you favours but sometimes you have to to save yourself. You already have a lot on but isn’t dating “no” better than seeing people or doing things that you don’t want to do. Think of the things you are you able to do now that you’re saying “no” more often. Think of the time you’ll save!


6. Breathe

I know you have no choice but to breathe, but are you really doing it, focusing on your breath? When we don’t breathe properly our brains don’t get enough oxygen and this puts them into panic mode. They get anxious and can’t focus so you get short tempered more easily.That’s why when you’re feeling a little bit like you might explode it's a good idea to take a deep breath in. 


7. Use Affirmations 

I know some of you won’t believe in affirmations but Saying positive affirmations is proven to help you take action. Try things like 

“I am calm”

“Today is going to be a good day”

“I am exactly who my kids need”

“I am doing an amazon job”

You can say them, write them or even print them and frame them on your wall as a constant reminder.


8. Exercise

I don’t mean that you have to start training for a marathon but taking care of yourself physically is part of caring for yourself. Moving your body, drinking enough water, eating healthy foods that will nourish your body is important. You want to be healthy and strong so that you can take care of your children and enjoy being active with them. It’s not like you can afford any sick days when you’re a mum. Well that’s not true but you know what I mean, haha! Go for a walk with your little one in the buggy, sit on the swing next to your child and swing with them, if you can find the time to do some yoga or pilates then it is soo good for your body to stretch. Carving out some time to exercise a couple of times a week can really help settle your mind too.


9. Remove negative people from your life

This is a tough one, but life’s too short to surround yourself with people who only bring negative emotions out of you. You don’t need it, you are more important than to let those people have control over you and to bring them down with you. You need to surround yourself with positive people. People who love you and know you and who will motivate and inspire you to be yourself.


10. Treat yourself

This may involve going to get your hair and nails done or it may be as simple as making time on a Sunday evening to have a bath or do a face mask or just et an early night. Whatever it is, try and fit something in once a week or at least once a fortnight - you deserve it!


11. Pursue your passions - no matter how slowly

Motherhood may slow you down but it should never be the reason to stop chasing your dreams. Your little ones look up to you more than anyone. List down some realistic goals and finally make time for them. It might be starting a new hobby, continuing your studies, or simply getting back in shape. You don’t have to rush into it, take your time and bit by bit you’ll get there.

I hope I've given you some ideas, no matter how small, to go away and work towards.

I'd love to hear your tips too, please do leave any comments below.

Have a lovely day





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