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The 10 Best Indoor Games to play with Baby



Posted on August 20 2020

So it's raining outside and you've run out of way to entertain your little one...fear not, here are 10 ways to have fun indoors! All of these were big hits with my little ones.

socks that stay on - indoor play with baby 

1 - Create some sound!

Whether it be drumming a wooden spoon on a pan or sliding it across a radiator, there are lots of way to make music. Some of my little ones favourite were a whisk hitting the bottom of a mixing bowl and some little DIY rattles we made from empty cartons filled with rice or pasta. You might even have some little instruments at home already. Sit down on the floor with your little one and join in the fun. They will love nothing more than making music with you!

2 - Mirror Me 

You may have already noticed but your little one loves looking at themselves in the mirror. You can put them on their tummy with an unbreakable toy mirror facing them to encourage them to push up. You can also carry your baby from room to room so they can check themselves out in the wall mirrors. Touch little ones eyes, nose, mouth and so on as you look together. This help baby to begin to identify their features.

 3 - Food Painting 

I know lots of little ones who think that crayons are for eating, so a great way to make some marks is finger painting with food. This is a messy one so get set up first! Once you are ready baby in their high chair and spoon some yogurt onto the tray, you can also add puree fruit and vegetables in all different colours for baby to play in. You might need to demonstrate at first, but soon your little one will be making berry-coloured patterns and swirls on the tray with no need to worry about them eating anything!

 4 - Water play

Who says bathtime is only for night time? Water play is great fun anytime of day! You could fill a tray with water and toys and play anywhere you like in the house but it might be best to stick to the bathroom where the water can be contained in the bath! Throw a few toys in for them to play and splash with. Some of those little squirting toys are a really fun idea! 

baby playing indoors - stay on socks

5 - Ball Play

Once baby can sit up (at around 5 or 6 months), sit across from them and introduce a ball between you. Let your little one reach and roll the ball, transferring it between his hands; add a second ball and even a third. You can get some wonderful sensory, textured balls and also ones that light up to make this game even more engaging. It can be just as much fun with some scrunched up balls of paper though (just make sure little one doesn’t chew on them 🙂) You could also create a ramp out of an old box or chopping board and roll the balls down that.

 6 Sensor Scarf Peepo 

Soft lightweight scarves are a magical play thing for a baby especially if you have them in different textures, you might have a silk, cotton and pleated one. Each will fell so different on your little ones skin. You can throw them high in the air and let them float down over your little one. You can blow on them to keep them airborne, and brush them along your baby’s skin. You can also play Peepo by putting the scarf over your face and popping out of it. You could also try letting your little on ‘find you’ under the scarf.

7 - ‘Play’ Cleaning

It's a fact - no matter how many toys a baby has, they'll prefer to play with something grown up, they love a broom or hoover. My little ones always loved to clean thing even from before they could crawl (although both had a strange fear of the hoover when they reached toddlerhood). Give your little one a cloth, it can be damp if you like and let them wipe down the sides or any toys that they might want to, even the kitchen floor.

8- Read stories

You may have already read our blog post on reading to your baby - if not then you can check it out hereBabies love to read even before they understand your words, they love to listen to the rhythm of your voice. Find an interactive book with textures of flaps to lift, your little one will love snuggling up next to your for a story.

9- Balloons

All children love balloons, babies are no exception! Blow up some brightly coloured balloon and tap them up in the air, watch your little ones eyes follow the floating shape with excitement. Then let your little one have a go and hitting the balloon making it bounce up in the air! 

10- Song time!

Even if you don’t think you are a very good singer, your little one loves the sound of your voice. You can go for classic nursery rhymes, which  I am sure you already know by heart. Otherwise you could make up a song and a tune, if you add your little ones name to the song they will become even more engaged. They may even chirp along with you. 

 If you have any other ideas then I'd love to read about them below.

Have a lovely day

Katie x



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