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Making the Move to a Big Kid Bed - 4 Easy Ideas



Posted on May 10 2023


move to a big kid bed

Between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, little ones will make the transition to their very first big-kid bed. It is best to keep your toddler in a cot as long as possible, but if they start to climb out, are potty-trained, or express a desire to move into a big bed, it is time for the transition. Here are some ideas to make it easy on you and your little one.

1. Choose the Best bed for you

Toddler beds are great because they are low to the ground but children grow out of them quite quickly so you may decide to opt for a standard single or double bed. If you do then it’s a good idea to attach a guard rail or have some cushioning on the round in case your little one rolls out.

Remember not to choose a cabin bed just yet or let them sleep on a top bunk bed. These are only suitable for children over 6 years old.

2. Make it Fun

Make the move as fun and exciting as possible. Let your little one help choose the bedding and get their new bed ready. Make sure they bring along all their favourite toys and play sleepover during the daytime so they can get used to the feeling of their new bed.

3. Timing is important

Consider the timing of the move with other events that are happening in your little one’s life. Don’t combine the move with the first day of childcare or the birth of a new sibling. Instead, try to make the transition a couple of months in advance. If you can, it helps to tie it in with a return home from a stay with family or a holiday as this creates a nice breaking point from their old cot to their new bed.

4. Keep with your routine

Make it a point to stick with your usual bedtime routine. Now that it’s easier for your little one to get up and out of bed they will often try to do so. It might be to get more books to read or to pick up a toy. There will be a transition period for the first few weeks but where you can stick to your usual routine as closely as possible. It can be frustrating if your little one keeps on getting up but remember to stay calm(not easy sometimes I know), if you get stressed your little one will pick up on it and feel the same which will draw out bedtime even longer.

Sleep well!

Katie x



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