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7 Top Tips On Keeping Little Ones Cool In The Summer Months 

Written by Sophie Clarke


Posted on July 06 2022

keeping baby cool in summer

Now the weather has finally improved and we are seeing these lovely sunny days. We as parents start the constant battle of keeping our kiddies cool and safe in the sun. Below are some top tips to ensure you and your family can enjoy this lovely weather and make the most of it while it lasts. 

  • Light Clothing 

  • We always worry that we are overheating our children. Popping them in light clothing can really help keep them cool. Avoid tight clothing such as leggings and baby grows. Swapping for shorts, t shirts, loose clothing can help the air flow therefore keeping your little one cool. For babies yo can even let them be in just a nappy. Have a look at what their clothes are made of linen and cotton are the best fabric to help ventilate your little one. This is why we always use cotton and organic cotton in our socks to ensure your little ones feet can breathe. 

  • Keep Hydrated

  • Staying hydrated is so important when it’s warm outside, little ones are always on the go and sometimes forget to drink. I find with my own children enticing them with ice cubes in their water or popping their drink in the fridge encourages them to keep drinking. If you have a very small one then you may find they need more feeding than usual during the day and through the night. Why not make your own milk ice lollies? This is super easy to do and can really help cool them down whilst keeping them hydrated.

  • Keeping The House Cool 

  • With these light warm evenings bedtime can feel like a very daunting task. Helping keep the bedroom cool can really help set them up for a good night's sleep. Keeping the curtains drawn can help keep the room cool. Why not pop a fan on it keeps the room ventilated and makes a lovely white noise for your little one too. If it is very warm why not pop a cold water bottle or a bowl of ice in front of the fan? This helps spread a cool breeze through the room. Try swapping their duvet for a sheet or a muslin or go without a cover if your little one is happy too. 

  • Water Play 

  • Getting the paddling pool out or a water tray, sprinkler.. is a great way of keeping children cool and it’s fun. Filling the paddling pool up first thing in the morning and letting the sun warm the water up can really help ensure your child enjoys playing for even longer. I like to cover my paddling pool up in the evening. I use a single fitted sheet but you can use anything. I find this helps keep all the bugs out and saves water so you don’t need to refill the next day. It also means it’s a better temperature win-win.

  • Playing Quieter Activities 

  • I know this seems like mission impossible I try and get my children to do calmer activities when the weather is at its hottest this could be reading books playing a game or if they are really tiny take this time to do some sensory play let them roll around in there nappy have some tummy time or baby massage. Even playing in the garden in the shade is a great option. Why not set up a tea party or get some toys and a mat out for them to explore in the shade. 

  • Check Their Temperature 

  • It can be very hard to tell if your child is getting too hot . Little ones always have colder hands and feet so when checking their temperature always touch the back of their neck or use a thermometer. If they seem hot try a cool flannel on the back of their neck. It is also worth checking the room temperature; this can be a good guide to helping ensure they are not getting too hot. 

  • Hats and Suncream 

  • Getting your child to keep a hat on can feel like a full time job.I find distracting them with a toy or snack when popping it on is a good tip they tend to forget it’s on. Ensuring it is not too tight can also help. Suncream often means pinning your child down and then screaming why not make it into a massage or a game where they feel like they are deciding where it is going. Also ensure you are using a suncream for sensitive skin and for  children. A 5 star UV rating Is important and ensures you are using one that allows their skin to still breathe as some of them can feel like you are wearing another layer. I also find making sure it’s not too cold or warm can help when applying. 

    Most of all, Enjoy your Summer with your little one!



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