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7 of the Best Halloween Platter Ideas!



Posted on October 25 2023

Have you got much planned for the Spooky season? Halloween is such a fun time of year especially for the little ones.

If you're having a little party or just want to have some fun with snacks here are some fun Halloween inspired nibbles and savory bakes that will win everyone over despite their lack of sugar! 

1. Freaky fruit platter 

Why not make a fun fruit platter inspired by Halloween think mummie bananas, tangerine pumpkins, grape snakes the options are never ending. BBC food has some great easy ideas using easy items such as cocktail sticks and edible pens here is the link

spooky fruit platter

2. Pastry snakes 

As Halloween can be very sugar based why not make some more savory options which are super fun for the kids. Pastry is great for this as you can make it into anything you want, pastry snakes, spiders the options are endless. Your little ones can even get involved with the fun. 

3. Spider Pizzas

These are great ideas and super easy to make. If you are having a party or just want to have some fun with your little ones, why not make your own pizza? You can use olives for eyes and cut up ham to make spider legs, let your imagination go wild and create some Halloween pizzas for everyone to enjoy. 

4. Mummy sausages 

This is my favorite one. A pack of sausages and pastry can go far!You can use any type of sausage for this vegetarian as well. You cut your pastry into strips and then wrap the pastry around and presto you have yummy mummy sausages. The kids will love it as will the adults, your very own mummy sausages rolls yum!! 

5. Pumpkin stuffed peppers 

Have some fun with peppers and find a way to use up all that pumpkin flesh! Take a whole pepper and cut the lid off like a pumpkin. Now you have a mini pumpkin you can carve some eyes and a mouth and then you can stuff your pepper with anything you wish. Pumpkin flesh works well as well as cooked flavoured rice, quinoa, mince the options are endless. Then pop the lid back on and op them in the oven to bake for 25 minutes. There you have some yummy pumpkin peppers. 

spooky stuffed pepper

6. Savory eyeballs 

This is a great idea and so quick and easy to make which is always a bonus for our busy lives. Buy a pot of small mozzarella balls, cut the bottom off and pop a bit of pesto in the middle of the ball and it looks like an eyeball. You can also add some tomatoes cut into strips to look like blood or use some tomato paste for the eye ball to sit on. Alternatively you could use dough balls and pop a black olive in the middle and serve it with a tomato dip ( blood dip) . These are super simple but effective and most importantly delicious. 

7. Halloween nachos 

Wraps are great for these you simply use cookie cutters such as bats, spiders… cut them out brush them with a little oil and pop them in the oven for a couple of minutes and you have some yummy Halloween inspired nachos you can serve with some crushed avocado dip or natural yogurt dip. 

bat man nachos

I hope this has helped inspire you and has given some great less  sugary alternatives which are super easy and a lot of fun to make with your children happy baking!!!!! And Happy Halloween. 

Katie x



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