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5 Unique Gifts for New Parents



Posted on June 05 2024

Do you know someone who’s expecting a baby soon? 

Whether they’ll be first-time parents or their family of three or more is growing, if you do, you may  be beginning to rattle your brains as to what you could gift them… 

Now, while you can never (ever!) have enough muslins or sleepsuits and they’ll treasure any prezzie  they receive for their little one, you may like to gift your daughter and her partner or your best  friends something especially for them. 

Here in our latest blog, we’ve popped together five ideas of unique gifts for new parents that you  may or may not have already considered: 

  1. Homemade food 

During those initial few weeks with a newborn, time really does fly by. 

Lack of sleep plays a huge role in this, and as parents adjust to life with their bundles of joy and dedicate all their time to meeting her/his needs, self-care can be put on the back burner. 

When our first child was born, I vividly remember opening our front door to find a homemade  cottage pie that had been lovingly layered into a casserole dish and wrapped in foil sitting on our  doormat, accompanied by a sticky toffee pudding and a pot of custard. With it was a note from our  friends who didn’t want to disturb our baby bubble, but did want us to know they were there and  hoped this meal would take a night of cooking off our shoulders. 

It's a nostalgic memory which makes me smile now because I remember how touched my husband  and I were and how we appreciated every mouthful! 

The moral of this story is to never underestimate how special receiving something homemade can  feel! 

  1. A dinner date voucher 

And speaking of delicious meals, another gift idea for new parents could be a voucher they can put  towards a meal out at a nearby pub or restaurant… 

Dinner gift vouchers are particularly brilliant because they’re not set in stone, providing the flexibility  parents need, and also I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve found knowing you have one to  use encourages you to arrange a date to enjoy it.

  1. A National Trust subscription 

If cabin fever hits or they’d just love a change of scenery for their daily family walk, knowing they’re a National Trust member could give the new parents you know another option of how they can  spend time together away from home while their baby snoozes in her/his pram or carrier. 

Children under five can explore any National Trust sites for free, and your family members or friends will be able to drink their coffees hot while visiting somewhere new! 

  1. A thermal mug 

Freshly made hot drinks quickly turn cold when you’re caring for a newborn (and chasing toddlers  around too!). 

I haven’t tried One Green Bottle’s stainless steel options, however I love how they can be used for  hot and cold drinks and how they’re made so sustainably – please do let me know what you think of  yours if you have one. 

  1. Baby milestone cards 

Before their babies arrive, new parents are busily transforming rooms into nurseries, adapting their  homes, and packing hospital bags in readiness. 

And so although this may seem like an obvious gift, I can guarantee you it’ll be greatly appreciated as  it might not be something they’d buy for themselves but will help them to timestamp some of those  precious early memories. 

Our Peter Rabbit Newborn Hamper includes a beautiful pack of baby milestone cards if you’re searching for some… 

I hope this list of unique gifts for new parents is helpful, and if you’re expecting a little one soon, our  team here at The Little Sock Company send all our love! 

Katie x



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