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5 Chocolate Free Advent Calendar Ideas 

Written by Sophie Clarke


Posted on November 08 2023

Can you believe it is getting to that time of the year again. Since becoming a parent I realise how important the Advent Calendar is and how excited the little ones get counting down to Christmas. I don’t know about your little ones but mine get very high on sugar even after one chocolate so I’ve been on the hunt for some alternative advent calendars that are just as fun! Here’s what I found!

1. The Toy Advent Calendar 

I know what you're thinking. Why would I want this so near Christmas and how expensive is that going to be? Well the answer is it’s not you can find advent calendars that you can fill yourself with. This is also much more sustainable as you can reuse it every year, you can buy them in most shops such as the range … The toys don’t need to be extravagant, just little things such as yo-yos, bouncy balls, stamps… If your child is a bit older you could also make your own Lego one where they get a couple of bits each day to then build their own Lego creation.

2. The Clothing Advent Calendar

Clothing advent calendars are a great idea as they give you something practical but are also really fun for your child to wear something new every day. 

We have launched our very own Advent Calendar this year for your little ones. You get a different pair of socks each day and on the last day you get a pair of mini me's, one for your little one and an adult pair too! If you’d like to check it out then you can find it here . 

3. The Sustainable Advent Calendar 

As previously mentioned you can make up your own advent calendar which you can reuse every year. To be even more sustainable, why don’t you fill it with sustainable items. For example you could make a craft Calendar for them. You could use pinecones or pompoms … your child could then decorate them or start a collection. Another idea is to put a note in each door with an activity on it, this could be something you could do with them, such as “we are going to bake biscuits today”. You could also say something you love about them which is such a lovely thing for your child to have each day. 

4.The Decoration Advent Calendar

Rather than chocolate why not purchase a lovely ornament advent calendar where you can put a new decoration on the tree each day. You can buy these online or you could make your own one. You can do this very cheaply. You can buy beautiful child friendly wooden decorations which your child could decorate and hang on the tree each day.

5. The Snack Advent Calendar 

If your little one is still a bit small but you still want to get them an advent calendar you could get a snack one for them Organix do one or you could make your own. You could put in their favourite snacks such as breadsticks, oat bars, fruit, crackers the list goes on. 

I hope this has given you some ideas! It certainly did for me!

Good luck arranging your perfect Advent Calendar this year!

Sophie x



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