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3 Natural Immune System Boosters for Little Ones



Posted on January 18 2024

December was the month of giving, and sharing really is caring.


When it comes to all the coughs, colds and other wintery illnesses that grace us with their presence, I think I speak for us all when I say we’d prefer it if they remained firmly at our front doors – please and thank you!

Unfortunately, it’s just that time of the year again, and whether our little ones are at home, nursery, the childminders, or school etc., they are more susceptible to catching (and sharing!) whatever is doing the rounds.

So, while we may not be able to avoid these pesky germs and instead need to assume the role of chief runny nose wiper, ensure Calpol stock levels are high, and give them all the comforting snuggles possible when poorliness strikes, there are lots of natural immune system boosters we all already have down our socks to support them!

Here are just three:

1. Fresh air

Like that first sip of tea or coffee in the morning, you really can’t beat fresh air, can you?

Once our tiny tots are wrapped up warm from head to toe, it’s lovely to see their eyes take in what Nature has in store for them that day, as their button noses and cheeks turn a light shade of crimson. And if they are on their feet, copious amounts of puddle jumping and stick collecting is always a must!

There are many fresh air benefits – from escaping indoor germs to naturally strengthening immune systems and boosting Vitamin D levels, in addition to supporting…

2. Sleep

Time spent enjoying the great outdoors can lead to tired legs and sleepy eyes.Physical activity and exposure to fresh air and sunlight can help to regulate our children’s body clocks which will hopefully lead to a good night’s sleep.

And sleep and strong immunity go hand in hand –

When little ones are fighting fit, in addition to other amazing benefits, sleep will give their bodies time to rest and repair, while strengthening their immune systems, and when they are unwell, we are all familiar with the saying “sleep is the best medicine”!

3. Nutrition

Once we feel our children are ready to enter the world of deliciousness, all we can do is present them with healthy and nutritious meals and snacks – sometimes certain foods will be well received; other times they may end up redecorating our floors, but we persevere nevertheless!

Immune system boosting foods include berries and all citrus fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, eggs, salmon, wholegrains… The list goes on, and one sneaky trick that helps us to ensure our little ones are consuming lots of goodness without realising is: blending! They never know just how many veggies are inside that sauce they love!

And of course hand washing will help prevent the spreading of germs and illnesses. However, this is by no means an easy task and is never high on a toddler’s to do list, so like with everything, all we can ever do is our best – and rest assured, that is more than enough.

Katie x



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